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 c'est la vie, tag: kat/mich
justin s. braxton
 Posted: May 19 2017, 02:24 PM

© j.j. // Offline


Words: 276

all shook up

Justin was wandering around the magical menagerie, looking for some owl treats for his owl. He had found a particular brand a few weeks ago and his owl had really loved it. He wanted to find the same type, but for some reason they weren't in the same place as they had been in the store previously. Rolling his eyes at this inconvenience, he turned away from the shelf he was currently inspecting, intending to go and ask an assistant where they were. Trouble was, he couldn't quite remember the name. Something like twit twoo treats... that sounded too ridiculous to be true, though.

He was walking towards the assistant who was standing by the counter, when suddenly he had a flash of recognition for a fellow shopper. Katrina Langdon. Justin did a double take. He thought she'd gone to France. Hadn't they been making her stay there? Well, a conversation with her would probably be much more entertaining than confusing the shop assistant. Drawing up beside the girl as she browsed, Justin cleared his throat.

"I didn't think they let people like you in here," he said slyly, nodding at the sign above the door, Werewolves restricted, "Have your poor parents sent you in on an errand? You buying some dead rats to feed them with?" he sneered. Of course, Justin had no clue what werewolves fed on. From what he remembered from Defence Against the Dark Arts class, he was fairly sure most of them ate normally on days that weren't full moons. But he had always loved winding Langdon up. The two years she had been banished to Beauxbatons had been rather dull.

NOTES: for mich with @katrina langdon ! sorry it's a bit short.

katrina m. langdon
 Posted: May 22 2017, 08:54 PM

© Kat // Offline


your actions have consequences and these are them, I'll be your friend in hell, until then I despise you and I probably always will

atrina wasn’t used to running errands for her parents. There had never been a guarantee that she would be able to return in a timely fashion to ensure they got the necessary items they had requested. It was of course completely possible for Kat to simply go shopping for the afternoon, but that so rarely seemed like a good way to spend her limited time in Puragtory with her parents. Especially when they had established ways to get their supplies without their daughter’s assistance.

There were many creatures that were allowed to leave purgatory, but the Langdon’s had not been given that privileged. They were seen as utterly violent. Everyone in purgatory knew that wasn’t true. Kat’s parents were the nicest law abiding werewolves that lived in purgatory, but it didn’t matter. The Ministry worker that decided Kieran Langdon belonged within purgatory informed the Wizarding World that they were in fact some of the most dangerous werewolves around. No one bothered check into the claim, the Langdon’s were simply shipped off never to be seen in the Wizarding World again.

Now though, Kat had the option or rather the ability to go on an errand run. Majority of the items her parents needed were from potion shop, after she was done Kat couldn’t help but enjoy simply showing for the time being. There was something nice about the leisure of it all. Up until this moment, she didn’t have the ability to be leisurely. If she wanted to see her parents, there was never enough time. But now, she had time. She got to live with them, if she took time in Diagon Alley it was okay, there was still more than enough time to be with them later.

At the moment Kat was simply roaming the Magical Menagerie. She had never had a pet before, nor had she ever wanted one. When she was really young, before she actually understood creatures and werewolves, once a month she thought she did have a pet, two actually. It seemed strange after that, to actually own a pet. She didn’t want a pet anymore, but she did enjoy roaming the shop. Or at least she had wanted to. The voice she heard quickly changed her mood. There had been a highlight in leaving, never seeing him again. A loud groan escaped Kat’s lips as she turned to face the one person she hated the most.


This was the man, or boy, that had turned on Tanner. Justin was supposed to be Tanner’s best friend, and instead he betrayed him. Instead Justin let all of Hogwarts know that Tanner lived in Purgatory. Instead he was the reason Tanner was tormented and locked out of the common room. The reason Kat spent nights hunting him down to make sure he was okay, even hidden away in the library. Every fiber of Katrina Langdon’s body hated the young man standing in front of her.

”I was hoping to find something that will keep parasites away, guess they don’t have anything like that since you’re here.”

style // @justin s. braxton
nothing wrong with short and to the point - sorry Kat's gonna be mean hehe
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