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 you gotta get up and try, ex. tyler hoechlin.
aurora i. stern
 Posted: Jan 13 2016, 09:15 PM
24 years old
played by ANNA
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25-26 . sports reporter . open (tyler hoechlin)

Hey! I'm Anna for new people reading this, for old people, you know who I am. Anyways, all my characters, including a bit of extra info on Rory here are all in my shipper CLICK HERE!! I decided to merge requests because I really like Tyler Hoechlin who is the suggested pb here but if you would like to use someone else, that's fine. We'll just call him tyler for this though.

Tyler and Rory here were Hogwarts sweethearts. He was either a gryffindor or a slytherin. He was popular and sort of the star of the quidditch team. She was a hufflepuff, sort of the school's sweetheart (one of those popular girls who was popular with everyone, not the mean girl). He was one year ahead of her. They started dating in her 4th year and his 5th and were together for quite awhile. He was a bit of an ass to people but they were good together. He opened up to her a bit. Didn't mean he wasn't a bit of a spoiled ass though. And like I said, he was mr. popular. Girls wanted him and Rory was, at the time, slow moving. He "loved" her but arrogance and hormones and fear of how rory made him feel meant he started cheating on her in his 7th year. In private they were great, laughed a lot, he found her goofy and warm and she could get him to act ridiculous for the fun of it. Like alone with her, he was a different person.

After graduating, he stuck around Hogwarts to help teach the first years to fly and play in some minor league quidditch matches, waiting to hear back from scouts for the pros. Also it meant he was close to Rory who was in her last year. She lost her virginity to him. Thought he lost it to her. Pretty much everyone of the popular group knew he was cheating accept for Rory. In fact, some of the "elite" type girls in slytherin thought it was hilarious. eventually, once the guilt from cheating weighed on him, he was sort of an ass all the time but hey, he still loved her. Her little brother who Tyler had never gotten along with, was also at hogwarts and happened to be a seer who had a vision of tyler cheating. "twerp" ratted him out and that was sort of the end of him and Rory.

She sort of knew but now wasn't able to fool herself anymore. Anyways, he ended up going Pro with quidditch and was a mega star for about a few years when he was out late with some groupies and got attacked by a werewolf. He was bitten and the next month on the full moon, he turned. He tried to hide it from his team but they figured it out by the next month. He was kicked off the team but the public was told it was just an injury that couldn't be fixed. He hit a bit of a rock bottom. His family rejected him (if he had any left). He tried to see Rory but felt too guilty and decided against it. He eventually found a job with the Daily Prophet as a sports reporter. THIS CHANGE WOULD HAPPEN JUST BEFORE OR AS YOU JOIN

He's a grumpy sort, angry, bitter, can be petty still. He understands what an asshole he once was now that he's been knocked off his high horse but at the same time can't get over his stubbornness to fully admit it. Think of him as a decent heart tramped in a complicated mess of a jackass. Rory's parents were recently murdered in the attack on the B.R.O.O.M. convention and she's opening a bookstore. He sort of impulsively decides to reach out and we would take it from there.

His family history stuff is all up to you, Basically anything not mentioned above is up to you and can possibly be tweaked if you like it all but some. PB is again negotiable. I just think we need a Hoechlin and he fits being able to pull off the charming cocky jock and the anti-social grumpy cat thing.

This is connected to the request for the daily prophet staff located HERE

 Posted: May 13 2017, 07:30 PM
23 years old
played by ANNA
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would still love him.
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