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 Posted: Dec 31 2016, 10:59 PM
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some updates
Hey guys!! Happy New Year!!

To celebrate, the staff and I felt like it was time for the Member Groups to better reflect the actual site. For the last two years, we had the groups be sort of general for creatures and wizards but specific with the Hogwarts Houses. However, for the last year we've had basically five students. The vast majority of the site is adult based and we wanted out groups to reflect that.

HERE is the link to the Member Groups page, already updated.

Go check them out. Basically broken down by blood purity and type of creature. I have already switched everyone's member group and sorted everything. It took a few hours and got tedious so if I sorted one of your characters wrong, please send me or another staff a PM and we will fix that for you. I also created and sorted characters into the appropriate forums for accepted applications. In the process, I did archive a lot of inactive character applications from people we kept around sort of hoping the would return to us. These people are still more than welcome to return but if they aren't an active character, I don't want new potential members to think their claims are still in place or anything like that. Fair is fair, you know?

In other news, I officially closed the Execution event as that occurred in the start of HOG summer. All active threads for the event have been moved to the PAST forum for continuation.

The staff decided moving the timeline ahead a bit was a good idea so as the real world heads into a new year, HOG is moving into a new school year. So end of the summer with Masquerade closing up soon and the few students we do have heading back to Hogwarts, which brings us to our last change.

From now on, this site is going to be 17+ for characters.

Students are rare here and they're all in their last year (although for plotting purposes, if you would like to age them up a bit to have them be graduates, we will allow it) and they're getting harder to plot because of it. We want people to have the choice to keep their already made seventh years but we will not be accepting any characters younger than 17 anymore. The few who have ever joined, left shortly after simply because it's too hard to plot a 14/15 year old when all the other characters are in their twenties. That and we do have some violent themes (and a new dark twist coming up so keep your ears open!).

Basically, all of this was done because we want to make sure the site is formatted to fit the stories all our amazing characters are making. You guys are all amazing. We're a site with a small amount of really loyal members and I love it, but we want to make sure any new people who join are not only welcome, but set up to join in and really be a part of the site.

That's all for now!! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!! You're all amazing, thank you so much for being a part of this site!

© darren criss
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